The flip side of fashion.

Théorie Magazine is an independently published magazine that celebrates the disciplines of fashion, film, music and art. Bringing a metaphysical approach to fashion, Théorie examines unconventional themes with a critical and creative eye. We take inspiration beyond mainstream fashion with alternative subjects, aiming to create and influence. Théorie aims to mix the seemingly contrary notions of fashion and academia into a cool cocktail of sartorial nous.

At face value, fashion may appear superficial and is too often overlooked as an art form. However, as you peel back its many layers and intricacies, you can appreciate its unbridled ingenuity. The fact that a simple fiber can be manipulated into an elaborate garment to walk the runway and comment on social facets is enthralling. Fashion is art, self-expression and innovation.

Run by Editor-in-Chief Nicola Wali and Cameron Lee Phan as Art Director, Théorie will take readers by the hand, illustrating the intricacies of fashion. The mission of Théorie, simply put, is to display the power fashion welds on the world.