Behind the pages: Cameron Lee Phan

Photographer | Théorie Magazine

Take us on a tour of your closet.

First off, my closet isn’t nearly as big as I’d like for it to be.  I don’t know if it will ever be! However the set-up is fairly structured. My shirts are hung to the right, all color-coded. It begins with blacks that transition into greys, then greens, blues, reds, yellows, off-whites and finally whites. All others items are folded neatly onto shelves and ordered by function. I like to separate where I can find my gym clothes, my work clothes, and my daily apparel.

What are you inspired by?

Night time. Minimalism. Words. Skin. Asia. Music. Sound. Androgyny. Gender. Motive.

If your iPod is on shuffle, what’s most likely to start playing?

Beach House. The xx. FKA Twigs. Toro y Moi.  Tame Impala. Warpaint. Lana Del Rey. Last song listened to: Little Bit – Lykke Li/Drake. I’m a huge music guy, so I have my favorites, but shuffling my iPod is completely unpredictable.

As a 90′s kid, what are you nostalgic of?

I’m extremely nostalgic of Nickelodeon. Every aspect of that broadcasting station completely exemplified the 90s kid. Every show was half exhilarating and half creepy.

Favorite page turner?

Anything by Chuck Palahniuk.

Ideal spot for a getaway?


What are you currently attached to?

My daily rings.

Favorite movie?

No favorite. I appreciate every film for its uniqueness and I never run back to the same one over and over.

You’re sitting front row at fashion week. Whose show are you at?

Alexander Wang.

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