Behind the pages: Krystal Sarna

Creative Director | Théorie Magazine

Take us on a tour of your closet.

You’ll find a lot of black. I tend to gravitate towards it. I like to invest in classic pieces that will never go out of style and unique items I find while traveling, like a pair of Louis Vuitton pumps I got in Hong Kong for my 20th birthday! …which I’ve yet to wear. And because every girl needs more closet space… you’ll find a styling rack in my room with my latest purchases and looks I’m curating for shoots.

What are you inspired by?

I find inspiration where I find style, and that can be anywhere and everywhere. Travel definitely inspires me… meeting new people, traveling to new places, or even familiar places and faces. London and Toronto are the two cities that inspire me the most.

If you could have dinner with any three people, what would you serve?

Scarpetta’s signature spaghetti. Simple, but oh so good. It’s on my bucket list to dine at all of the Scarpetta locations. (I’m at 3/5)

If your iPod is on shuffle, what’s most likely to start playing?

You should bet on Drake, Beyonce, or Rihanna.

As a 90s kid, what are you nostalgic of?

Mary-Kate and Ashley, of course. I was obsessed. I figured my life would play out like an MK&A movie… preferably When in Rome. I’m still holding out for those adventures around the world with the cutest love interests.

Favorite page turner?

The Kite Runner was very moving.

Ideal spot for a getaway?


What are you currently attached to?

My Tom Ford book. A collection of his work, complete with esteemed letters and a personal interview, it sums up why he’s a fashion kingpin.

Favorite movie?

I’m going to go on the record with saying The Devil Wears Prada even though that’s so cliché. As for current films, I think Rush was snubbed as an Oscar nominee. It’s incredible and everyone should see it, if only for Daniel Brühl’s unbelievably believable performance. (You’ll also get a handsome dose of Chris Hemsworth as a British playboy.)

You’re sitting front row at fashion week. Whose show are you at?

Burberry– Christopher Bailey knows how to maintain the brand’s heritage while keeping it fresh and modern.