Knickers in a twist

“I want to be left alone” — Greta Garbo

Are you having one of those days where your middle finger is the answer to every question? You’ve long overdosed on black coffee and now, all you want is to be left alone. This angst-ridden mix is filled with songs perfect for those stay in bed days when you don’t want to speak to anyone.

Knickers in a twist from theoriemag on 8tracks Radio.

Knickers in a twist mix:

  1. Trick or Treat Dancefloor — Cherry Glazerr
  2. You May Know Him — Cat Power
  3. Creep (acoustic) — Radiohead
  4. Love is to Die — Warpaint
  5. Activia — Deerhunter
  6. My Body is a Cage — Arcade Fire
  7. BTSTU — Jai Paul
  8. Islands — The xx
  9. Daniel — Bat For Lashes
  10. The Wilhelm Scream — James Blake
  11. No Girl in My Plan — Two Lone Swordsmen

Photo by Cameron Lee Phan


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